Friday, 12 April 2013

Swimming Sports

Look at all the amazing Butterflies at the Swimming Sports!

Star Disco

It was the disco tonight. Don't all the Brainy Butterflies look gorgeous!!!

Monday, 8 April 2013

recounts with puppets

week 9 Taniwhas under the table

We made some stick puppets to help us talk about our trip to the beach. We had such a lot of fun making these!

Constructing numbers

Wow! Look at the numbers we have made out of tens and ones!

Wednesday, 3 April 2013

numbers represented by tens and ones

Wow! Look at how Esther made the number  46 out of tens bundles and ones! 
How many tens did she use? 
How many ones did she use?

What numbers can you make? 
Can you show us 57? 84? 13? 42? 93? 27? 68? 

Take photos like Esther's to show the Brainy Butterflies!

Tuesday, 2 April 2013

food festival

On Thursday of week 8 we had the food festival.

To be a little different from other classes we made Nachoes. Everyone in our class got to push the whiz button on the food processot. Yay, loud noises!

In our Vegetarian Nachoes we put....

crushed garlic
crushed ginger
red kidney beans
crushed tomatoes
frozen peas, corn and carrot

Wasn't it healthy!? Did you enjoy our nachoes?
Wow! look at how much fun the Brainy Butterflies had at the beach!

Here is an example of the amazing writing created when we go back (spelling and capitals corrected)...

Dear Mrs McWhinnie,
Thank you for reminding us about being safe so we could go past teachers and throwing sand. I like the tiki-tour with Pharelle and Alex.
From Jaydon

Dear Mr Reed,
Thank you for when everybody was turn already and you stopped them. 
Dear Mrs McWhinnie,
Thank you for letting us swim.
From Haylee-Devine

Our Music Video

from week 7.